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Should homosexuality be legalized in every country?

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What is homosexuality?

 Homosexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behavior between members of the same sex or gender. Scientists do not know the exact cause of sexual orientation, but they believe that it is caused by a complex interplay of genetichormonal, and environmental influences

The country that legalized homosexuality!

Views of homosexuality are most positive in Europe, especially Spain (88 percent there say it should be accepted by society), Germany (87 percent), and Czech Republic (80 percent). For the U.S., the number was 60 percent. Same-sex marriage is already legal in nine European nations, and France.

Should homosexuality be legalized in every country?

Because in the modern generation society must open minded to accept the homosexuality.  although homosexuality is different with heterosexuality but the meaning is same.  The most important thing in one relationship is the feeling and their love.

Love is an emotion from our brain, and people take the action and the final get a relationship with each other.  Homosexuality is two people who are the same sex and they fall in love with each other, and a way they present out their different love.

 Homosexuality is no a crime case, that only a relationship between two people.  Why cannot to be legal?
Nowadays, most people say homosexuality should be accepted by society.  If that country society homosexuality accepted why the government unaccepted?

Following the research among younger people in particular, there is broad support for societal acceptance of homosexuality. More than six-in-ten (63%) of those younger than 50 – 69% of those younger than 30 – say that homosexuality should be accepted. Far fewer of those 50 and older (52%) favor societal acceptance of homosexuality.

These are among the findings from the latest Pew Research Center political typology survey, released May 4, 2011. The survey, conducted in February and March of this year, showed that opposition to gay marriage has continued to decline. Currently, 45% favor allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally while 46% are opposed. Two years ago, in April 2009, 35% supported same-sex marriage while 54% were opposed. Opposition to gay marriage has fallen by 19 points (from 65%) since 1996. (For more on changing public views of same-sex marriage, see Pew Research Center reports March 3, 2011 and Oct. 6, 2010.)


Homosexuality in US president who supports gay marriage, and now a pope who, if not exactly signing up to equality for all, is at least starting to talk in language less inflammatory than his predecessor (Saner, 2013). Actually, the homosexuality in asia is feeling this is not legalized but more of the country like United State is acceptable because this is no harmful but maybe cannot get next generation because girl and girl, boy and boy. The technological at United State is high so no need worry about get baby. Sometimes, girl and girl is good because is more understand between each other compare boy and girl.

An act of defiance in front of a demonstration against gay marriage in Marseille, France, in 2012. Photograph: Gerard Julien/AFP/Getty Images.

- No.

Because ...
Every country has it own culture that has been over century. Homosexuality is happened since 21st century. There are pros and cons in legalized homosexuality in the country. The cons are:

  • Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it....there is a good body of evidence to say that animals other than humans form same sex relationships (the meaning of that term in context depends on the animal referenced but runs the gamut from sexual congress to life partnership). Good luck locking them all up but bonus! Back to the good old days of putting non-human animals on trial, always a crowd pleaser in between stonings.  

Whereas the pros are:

  • I can hardly believe this needs to be stated but - as others have commented - you will be discriminating against an entire swathe of humanity for no other reason than who they are attracted to or who they fall in love with. I mean for the love of God, is that the sort of barrel we are scraping now? Discriminate against us red-heads first - at least you have some historical reason to do so (sorry for being cannibals by the way - just throwing that in there) but on the grounds of who someone is attracted to? That is just.....pathetic, it really is.

LGBT rights have come a long way in recent years. In 2015, the US Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional and the Republic of Ireland became the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote following a country-wide referendum. 

However, while stigma against LGBT communities is certainly lessening in some countries, many states continue to criminalize same-sex sexual contact under the threat of imprisonment or even death.
New research published by the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) serves as a stark reminder of just how widespread such criminalisation can be. In a total of 74 countries, same-sex sexual contact is a criminal offense. (Fenton, 2016)
Therefore, I think the homosexuality are defeated the state’s purpose of benefiting the marriage. One of the main reasons why the State bestows numerous benefits on marriage is that by its very nature and design, marriage provides the normal conditions for a stable, affectionate, and moral atmosphere that is beneficial to the upbringing of children—all fruit of the mutual affection of the parents. This aids in perpetuating the nation and strengthening society, an evident interest of the State.
Homosexual “marriage” does not provide such conditions. Its primary purpose, objectively speaking, is the personal gratification of two individuals whose union is sterile by nature. It is not entitled, therefore, to the protection the State extends to true marriage.  (TFP Student Action, 2015)


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Should homosexuality be legalized in every country?

What is ho mos exu al ity?  Homosexuality  is  romantic  attraction,   sexual attraction  or  sexual behavior  between members of ...